Stick users - is auto-screen dimming a common problem?

Ever since I started using a TE2 instead of a standard Xbox One controller, I’ve had a whole lot of issues with my screen dimming in the middle of gameplay. It seems like my console doesn’t recognize stick inputs as coming from an actual controller, and it goes into its screensaver mode because of “inactivity” - even in the middle of an online match. I don’t have a Kinect (so it has nothing to do with the camera detecting activity in the room) and I’ve never had this issue with a regular controller.

This seems like too crazy of a problem to be universal. Does it happen to anyone (…or everyone) else?

Feedback is likely a better place for this. Just a heads up for future categorization.

Hmm… I believe I had a moment just recently where the screen did darken on me, seemingly random, while using the stick in KI.

I remember having to fiddle between the pad and stick, in and out of the OS to get things to work proper.

Can’t say I remember specifics, just that it did happen once but was quickly solved.

Will keep an eye this happening again and what I did to correct it.

Not entirely sure if it’s the stick that causes it, the screen dimming thing happens in other games as well, it happened to me in Battlefield 4 but I think in that case it might just have been one of the random bugs that game had.

This has happened to me, but not with any regularity. If it happens more than once in a session I quit the game and reboot the xbox. That takes care of it.

It happens to me a lot, but only during KI and only when I use the fightstick, so yeah, I’d say it’s an issue, and it generally tends to happen at the worst times.

It’s only happened to me every now and then. I thought it was because I started the Xbox with the pad rather than with the stick, but then it happened one time when I never touched the pad… had to turn it on to make a motion and get the screen bright again.

you can also address this by hitting the xbox button on the stick, going to the home menu and then immediately hitting A to go back into KI.

I admit, this used to happen to me every once in a while but it hasn’t happened in ages.

It actually happens to me using a Regular Xbox one controller. Maybe it’s a bug.