Steam version questions

  1. Will it still have crossplay? (With the regular W10 and XB1 version)
  2. Do I have to rebuy it?
  3. Will it transfer my save game?
  4. Will the steam version be moddable?
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  1. i think it’s steam-only.
  2. no, definitive edition owner will get a free copy inclusive the last 3 new chars. that’s why i think it’s steam-only. (source:
  3. would say, nope.
  4. maybe if 1 is the case.

If it’s at least free I can live with it.
Let’s hope I can finally get this game to work on 21:9 aspect ratio.

i would prefer a steam-only version since we already have working cross-play between xbl.
and if it’s a additional cross-play version, which is modable, then we can sure, that a lot of fake leaderboard entries are coming.

I don’t really care about leaderboards so it wouldn’t matter to me.
I just really hope that then there will be a fix for 21:9 users like myself.
The black bars don’t ruin the game for me but it would be nice to get rid them!
That would also mean that the tip of Riptor’s tail wouldn’t be cut off most of the time.

Classic games (1994, 1996) will finally appear with online multiplayer?!!

To be honest, the answers to all four of those as far as the community is concerned is “we dont’ know” and the only ones that do are the devs. I’d say “Stay tuned” as @rukizzel would tell you and wait for official info before believing anything you hear from us as its all just speculation.


What @xCrimsonLegendx said.

That said, speculation:

  1. Probably. Crossplay is meant to be a division-wide policy at Microsoft now, and IG tends to care about these things. There’s probably enough motivation, in terms of establishing the tech, building the mindshare, making the best possible product, etc, to make this happen.
  2. Leaning “probably”. Depending on how crossplay is implemented (i.e. do you use your Xbox account a la Minecraft on Switch) your account might know you own certain content and automatically grant you access to it…but I’m doubtful that Valve is all that keen about hosting a free-to-start game that then diverts all purchases through the Microsoft store. So I expect IG to rework the content purchasing for Steam, and you’ll have separate purchases tied to your Steam account.
  3. Doubtful.
  4. The UWP version is moddable, people just didn’t put in the effort because there wasn’t sufficient interest among people with the skills. That said, there is potential for a non-UWP Steam version to be far more easily moddable, maybe even to the point where artists with no real reverse-engineering capabilities can just drop assets in the right places and have KI2 Orchid or whatever in the game. Or they might have whatever flimsy digital signature strategy that’s gating the UWP version in place in the Steam version, meaning that once again it’ll be moddable, but only if someone is able and willing to make some changes to some machine code somewhere. We’re only really likely to know when the game comes out.

those are really good questions which i am wondering myself.

1, I am hoping it will since the fiasco with Sony refusing to enable crossplay between PS4 and Xbox
2. I am hoping we dont have to
3. I dont think so.(however, the saved game files are stored in this folder - AppData\Local\Packages\Microsoft.KillerInstinct-Win10_8wekyb3d8bbwe )
4. That would be cool. I am hoping there is a possibility