Steam version has an issue with DLC refreshing timeout since last few days

When you skip it, it loads, online works fine, only Shadow Lab and Shadows in SL mode seem to not work.

I dont really care about Shadows much, but please look into it for the sake of casuals’ crying to stop.


Hey, I don’t consider myself a casual and the idea of shadows’ survival is really cool! Grinding a new character against human shadows can be fun if you don’t get a lot of people to practice and there’s also no lag which is wonderful.
I wish Shadow’s survival work again, it’s been months already since the last time I played. But the glitch was annoying

Sorry, I was referring to people on steam who already dig a grave for KI cause Shadow Lab malfunction.

I agree, KI deserves better :frowning:

I’m pretty sure they’re working on it as we speak. I posted in another thread about this last week, and today, while the error persists, matchmaking is doing some… odd things. There’s a bit of a hiccup when it finds an opponent for me, and it’s crashed once as a fight was about to start, which makes me think someone is working on something on the other end of things.

Yep. We’re aware there are issues and are looking into it but that’s about all I got right now.