Steam Version Hangs

I purchased the Steam version of KI and now it sometimes just constantly hangs and my PC makes noises like beep beep beep beep like a repeated key or something and KI just freezes.

I never had this happen with the version i downloaded from MS website, Anyone have any ideas please?

I find the only way I can actually re-use the computer is to hard reset it ie… turn it off completely using the power off button

that is odd … but if you don’t mind me asking, did you try seeing if any other game causes the same issue? cuz it sounds a tiny bit to me like a hardware issue or something.

I think i found out what is causing it, Seems to be an issue with the Wireless Xbox One Controller I am using it sometimes randomly disconnects for some reason maybe the batteries running out or something…

I just know that it doesnt seem to happen if i uncheck both boxes (Steam overlay and the other one) and make it fullscreen seems to stop the crashing but i still get random controller disconnects.

Thanks for the reply!