Steam Trading Cards

What happened to the Steam trading cards? I thought they were coming but never showed up.

Still no trading cards, what is going on? can someone please tell me if they are canceled or still planned to be released. what is the hold up?

I don’t see them mentioned in the store page. So I would assume they are not coming. Which is weird since steam cards are basically additional pennies that pay for them selves.

well they said they were coming, guess they were cancelled

Who knows

Please Add Steam Trading Cards! :wink:

Not really my thing, but KI steam cards would be the only ones I would love to have all collected (if they were released).

I would keep asking them on twitter. they probably forgot :smiley:

Didn’t Steam change the rules at some point, saying that a game has to sell enough copies to allow trading cards? Maybe they didn’t meet the required quota for that? Though if they did meet the required amount then it seems odd they aren’t there already.