Steam Beta Possibility?

Not sure if this has been mentioned anywhere yet. I was sort of curious of there being a beta for the Steam client of the game? I remember back when there was a survey that asked for Beta testers (prior to Shadow Lords going live). Sadly I wasn’t sure and never signed up for that. I’m curious if others would be interested in testing a client and cross-network play?

I was very excited to hear about that feature. I think the only other thing I could ask for would be some sort of way of doing a ‘Cross-Network Save’.

I was considering buying the game again on Steam (probably just for the way they allow support for any controller). Over the years I’ve given KI more support than any other game (and $), and would be happy to test out a client on Steam to help figure out any issues there might be.

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Propably not. If there was Steam version beta, there would not be these “cross-network” testing shenanigans.

i want to pre-order Steam KI atm. for real it’s almost about to two weeks!

That was for Shadow Lords mode! I remember that test. So many tokens sent out!

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I’m so glad I got to participate in that. Really felt like I was part of something bigger.