Stay tuned!

im working on a COMPLETE guide to kim wus fire cracker move, what she can and kant deflect. Ill be uploading the video tomorow I have to do all the characters, I`ll also try to add commentary for each character. stay tuned guys :slight_smile:


ok guys the video is done but i need to go to school for classes lol. The video is 51 minutes long, its me doing the fire cracker move on every projectile in the game with every character that has fireballs/projectiles. The video`s audio is off and im talking the entire time, the commentary is kind of funny i make fun of riptor and omen alot. Anyway the video will be up later on tonight. Ok see ya guys later ill post again when its on youtube. Forgive me for the bad audio of the game and my commentary i only got 1h 50minutes of sleep!!! aaaaahhhh

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Thanks, bro u saved me I was planning to test out what she could and couldn’t counter myself tonight… but I think you can counter more than projectiles I countered tj combos tremor and got a dragon. Although, idk what tjs tremor is considered

cant wait!
i deflected a jago move other than fireball very interesting

3P Is powerful too!

hey guys thanks for the positive feedback, my internet was knocked out last night so I couldnt upload it overnight. its being in the process of uploading on youtube as we speak. So TODAY I PROMISE YOU the guide will be up. Also ill be uploading online matches between me and a xbox friend. I would love your feedback on how I play with kan ra omen wu and the other fighters. that will be up later, its 75 minutes long and in HD so stay tuned for that. ok once again stay tuned :slight_smile:

heres the guide, sorry for the sound quality and mic overtone i didnt know what i was doing lol