Stay Away!

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I don’t think I’ll be playing Kim, I know it!

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Hmph, we’ll see. My goal is to take her to top 32. You’ll be back to bae Orchid in no time lol.

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Could someone lock this topic? lol

No, I will not stay away, good sir. The moment our lord and savior IG blesses us with Season 3, I am going to level Kim-Wu up to 50 and beat up Gargos.

Come at me bro XD

I will be letting MY Kim Wu demolish all those who dare!

And to this day Kim Who?

-LCD 2016


Some click…some don’t. But yeah, I’d put this on tombstone.

I’m sorry. But I have to post it…

I’ll just copy and paste what I said in the other thread LMFAO

In my defense, I must of been mad drunk when I wrote this hahahaha
Also you can’t really blame me for leaving the so called “savior of the world” behind considering she loses the only matchup she was suppose to win which is against Gargos lol.


Larry plz…

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I still say Kim beats Gargos, but whatever.

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