Starting to worry if there will be 8 or 9(bonus) characters in season 3

Hello everyone,

I am new to making topics and commenting , and just now made an account, but have been visiting the forums daily since KI first came back in 2013. I don’t want to upset anyone or cause any negativity, as I firmly believe that this is one of , if not the best fighting game of all time. I also believe that what MS, DH, and IG have done, and are doing with this game is amazing and I love every bit of it.
I just have one concern as of late , and wanted just felt like talking about it with others. I am starting to wonder , if we will in fact be getting more than the 4 characters so far announced for season 3. I absolutely LOVE the original chracters that IG and MS created for season 2; Kan Ra Agonos, Hisako, and Aria. ( Sadira as well ). I really think they knocked it out of the park , and ever since season 3 was announced , I’ve been so excited to see what new characters they would come up with next. The 3 stage issue, was a huge bummer , but I’m not dwelling on it. I just always envisioned season 3 as 9 more characters, giving the final cast , a total of 27 which would be great . It’s now almost March , and there hasn’t been any indication that there will be more than 4 characters; let alone any original ones.
Just wanted to see what everyone else thought about this . Thanks a lot . Sorry for it being kind of long.

I undestand your concern but having less than 8 characters wouldn’t make sense due to the price tag. Unless the season is lower priced,expect 8+ characters.

Wait til march 1st for news

Unless they put a lot of other content in the game instead of characters. If they were to be working on a story mode they would only be able to release it with all of the characters out. Less characters more likely it would be out sooner. If there are more characters the story would be delayed until all characters are out. Cauising a SFV level disaster for casual players.

Pretty sure we’ll have more than 4 characters. They talked about new character release models for the season, for example two characters in a three month waiting period or something like that, and as of right now all 4 of the characters we have are clearly launching with the season so obviously more are coming.

Thanks for the responses. I’m guessing we’ll find out on the 1st. Just kinda struck me as a little odd that we’ve literally had no mention at all, of any NEW characters for season 3. Other than a long time ago when they mentioned the season 2 sibling character. I mean as far as I’m aware , they haven’t even hinted at any new chracters . When season 3 was first announced , I thought for sure it would consist of at least 2 or 3 all new, original characters, and as time has gone on , it’s been extremely silent on that topic. But anyways , we will find out soon enough , and whatever they decide to do, I’m sure it will be amazing.

At this point I’m fine with there only being 4 characters in S3

I agree , it really wouldn’t feel like an actual " season " . I feel like if it was just gonna be the 4 characters, that they could have just labeled it more of like a dlc type add on . As opposed to a complete " season" . I know they have more to reveal , but I just can’t help but think that that’s it for the charterers, based on if being less than a month away from launch and hearing absolutely nothing about anymore characters than the 4 we already know… I hope I’m wrong , cause I just want this to be an amazing , out of this world ending ( potential ) to one of the greatest games ever made. It would be incredibly exciting to get that vampire the series has been so long over due for , since KI2 . Or any other original characters , because, to be honest , that is one of IGs greatest strengths in my opinion , and where they excelled at most.

Pretty sure in one of the recent streams ( around KI Cup) one of the guys slipped up and said “around 8”…or something like “8 sounds like a good number”.

Yeah max said something about it being possibly 8 characters , and Adam heart just kind of looked nonchalantly and didn’t say much of anything. Not that he would have said oh yeah 8 , that’s the number ! Ha . But yeah max does work on the game , and I don’t think he would have said 8 like that , publicly, if it was going to be something much less , like 4… I forgot about that . Very good point.

It’s not a baseless worry at all. We simply don’t know at this point. If they were not planning to release a few more characters, then they probably wouldn’t have announced “only” three stages instead of one per character. They also intimated that there would be no more “bad” news - and I think it’s a stretch to think that less than 8 characters would be treated warmly by the community. But we will see.

I’m sure they will spill tomorrow.

Also, just as an aside. People keep talking about how the price won’t be worth it unless there are 8 or 9 characters. What price? We don’t have a clue what they are charging for the game yet. We can at least hold off to say if the package is worth it until we know what’s in it and what they are charging.

I feel like I did before KI released in 2013. It was only a few weeks before release that I realized that we were only going to get 6 characters at launch.

Honestly, If we get less than 8 characters, it won’t be that big of a surprise for me…but I’m hopeful that if that is the case that there is more substance to the overall package being added.

  • Expanded Story
  • Expanded Dojo
  • Expanded Shadows
  • New modes

I hope we get the lowdown tomorrow…until then, I’m not stressing.

Yeah , great points by everyone . I hope that if it is a big improved story mode that they are referring to so much as the " big news; surprise etc. " that people are really pleased with it . I’m all for people getting what they want , and some people are really into an in depth story mode, which I think is great. The story mode in mortal Kombat 9 was incredible , however , I’m personally not every much into story modes, and would much prefer more chracters, because to me the life blood of a great fighting game is great chracters, a healthy number of chracters, great stages , and great stages. Like I said , I have not against people wanting a good story mode, and if we get that as the big trade off or whatever u wanna call it , then I’m very happy for those that wanted it .
I don’t by any means want a HUGE roster like the more recent Tekken games , or like ultra SF 4 or anything like that , because that’s not really KI; KI has never had that vibe , or really been about a huge roster , and I don’t honestly even think it would suit KI. I just envisioned 3 seasons of 9 chracters each . Including each seasons bonus character. I really think that would be amazing. And would be very fitting, and make KI that much better than it already is . But whatever we get I’m sure it will just really send KI off into the stratosphere simply based on how amazing it is .

Also keep in mind that if there were only four characters it wouldn’t make any sense to not just go ahead and make a fourth stage so that all characters had stages. The reason only three stages is bad news is because there are more characters coming that won’t get stages.

Very true , and another thing I just thought of , is if it was literally just Rash, Kim , Arbiter , and Tusk ( who is my most wanted character since the season 1 days ) in season 3 , I’m now feeling like they probably would have said that by now. Unless they just had only 4 chracters planned from the get go , and just never really expected us to think it would nessecarily follow season 1 and 2 in the amount of characters.

for me most possibly we’ll take 12 characters. 9 standard of the season and 3 guests. i am thinking of that because they said that 20 is a good number for stages. i don’t know if they left the stage thing for later or they changed the policy of the game(1:1).

  1. if they plan to make the stages later i think we’ll get 9 characters.
  2. if they want 20 universal stages then the characters should be around 30.
  3. i hope they make 12 characters and give us the stages later.
  4. what time is the announcements?
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