Start Cancels Both Character Introductions Before A Round, Let Other Buttons Cancel One Intro At A Time

Topic says it all.

Asking for a bit of polish here. And this one should be super easy to fix/patch.

I usually play as Jago.

Waiting / sitting through his super boring, super repetitive match introduction, to show spectators a rarer/newer/cooler looking one, for example, Kim-Wu’s / Tusk’s / Riptor’s / or whoever’s… is very time consuming and annoying.

Hook us up! Thanks!

But start already cancels the intros like you said. What’s the point of having other buttons do it if start works just fine?

Let other buttons cancel… one… at… a … time.

I will add the word intro in there, to make it easier to understand, thanks.

Moving to Suggestions

How about we get “start skips the character victory animation”?

I was watching some Marvel 3 sets last night and man I couldn’t get over how fast it was to get back into a match after the previous game ended. Makes KI and SFV look bad.


I think the rematch button should appear quicker, but skipping a win animation is a little strange.

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Man, Arbiter’s win animation is like 10 seconds long. It’s literally an unskippable cutscene after every fight. We grew out of those 10-15 years ago.

Watch a bit of this set and tell me you aren’t jealous with how fast they can rematch and get back into a game: link here


The devs worked really hard on those, so yeah, let’s go ahead and skip them! :smirk:

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How long the devs took to make them is totally irrelevant to the point, though. They get in the way of me playing the game, and it’s a pretty big annoyance. If the devs invested 1 million dollars and put a 30 second cutscene after every fight, I wouldn’t say “but they spent a lot of money on it” as justification that it’s a good idea.

When was the last time you even paid attention during those animations? Once you see them about 10 times, there’s nothing left. They have to exist, clearly, but they shouldn’t be mandatory viewing.

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I’ll just say that they don’t bother me in the slightest because I think that they’re all just that cool. :snowflake:

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Wait, are we talking about intros/outros or Triple Ultras?

Because it just occurred to me this could apply to either…

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Idk I kind of like how it gives you a few seconds to clear your head and think about the next match but that’s just my opinion

Yes, I never understood how in a “pro oriented” tournament ready game, there aren’t options to skip outros, skip downloadable content check, toggle off multi ultras…

I imagine they do a ton of stuff during the DLC check that isn’t easily skipped. We don’t really know what goes on behind the scenes here as far as setting up how the game works, I don’t think they can just toggle this screen off.

But I agree that anything that gets in between you and playing the game (cinematic outros, triple ultras, etc) should be minimized as much as possible. They don’t have to be taken out of the game, but a way to skip would be nice. The triple ultra problem is hard, though. I don’t really know how they can solve that one, especially if you have to play that person again (because it’s exhibition, or 1st game in best 2 of 3, etc).

making every ultra in ranked end just like it ends when playing against a TJ Combo who has full instinct: cutting the ultra right to the ultra ender.

That’s one approach, would ruin some fun for other people though. It would be cool if there was a way to let the guy combo your dead body while you go find a different match (ie, you can cancel the ultra into an ultra ender yourself, even if you’re the guy getting hit, but it only happens on your screen). I dunno, there are several big problems with this approach, including networking allowing a special type of desynch, what do you do about ranked/exhibition matches where you don’t actually leave to find a new opponent, etc.

I tend to have some fun ways to cancel my ultra when I play, and I know lots of other people have a “signature” way of canceling ultra by waiting for a certain point, so taking that away from players is probably not a good idea.

It’s a hard problem, I think.

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I think this was planned but never implemented.

I agree. The win animations are very cool.

Not only that, if you lost, you’re subjected to a manditory taunt, haha.

The guys from the ‘tea-bag thread’ thread would probably want these win animations skippable too!

If they can add an option to turn off ultra enders it should be easy to give those a choice to turn off outros/ ultras

But yeah, you train-hoppers derailed my thread.

I am talking about adding a button to skip from one character’s intro to the next character’s intro, instead of just having the start button, which skips both intros.