Star Wars Rogue One Trailer!

Hells yeah!

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I saw this this morning; I had a few questions though.

  • Weren’t we supposed to get Episode 8 this December? It seems weird to drop multiple Star Wars movies in the same month.

  • Did we see Kyle Katarn? The guy from the Dark Forces/Jedi Knight series? I assumed the bearded guy in the “briefing chamber” was supposed to be him.

  • Is this a brand new story, or the telling of something that’s been around that maybe I had just never heard of?

No episode 8 was for summer 2017 , then pushed to December 2017 since Force Awakens did so well with a Holiday release.

This story is an old story, just re-imagined. Its the basic story of the Bothans that stole the plans to the Death story that was mentioned in a NEW HOPE when the Rebel leader lady says “many Bothans died to get these plans” the plans that R2 was holding for Leia.

I was always under the impression that Bothans were one of the alien races, but I guess they’re human?

Yep! Its the planet that the Rebel base originated from I guess? I think its going to be a good movie, I like how gritty it looks and the Empire looks sinister. Forest Whitaker?? ehhh…he is a great actor, hope he doesnt get too carried away in this one though.

Oh snap! Looks interesting! I like how there are movies in between the main ones to keep us at bay. lol

Nope, Bothans should still be aliens, and I can’t wait to see them (since they’ve never been seen in an actual Star Wars film)! :smiley:

Trailer was very good until Donnie appeared then it became flipping good then towards the end it became bloody damn good.

So overall it was very flipping bloody damn good…so to speak

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Looks like Bothans are not human, so Im not sure what role they have in this new story since none of the team shown so far are anything but humans. So I guess we will find out more in 8 months! Maybe they are changing it from Bothans to humans to keep it more realistic and gritty? I much prefer the team to be human as the CG for Star wars aliens just doesnt come across all that great on screen IMO

What makes you think they’ll be completely CG (and bad CG at that)? Star Wars has been known to use a lot of practical effects, even in the newest movie, The Force Awakens (although I admit not so much in Ep. 2 and 3). Speaking of which in TFA, I do believe it was a Bothan we see flying and dying in the final scenes of the movie with the rest of the X-Wing squadron that was led by Poe Dameron (being the only alien there besides Nien Nub, the Sullustan, and of course, Admiral Ackbar, of “it’s a trap!” fame - he isn’t hard to spot. :wink:

I thought Snoke and Maz Kanata looked great in the Force Awakens also I’d like to see more main alien characters, it worked really well with Ahsoka Tano in the Clone wars and Rebels tv shows.

You didn’t see Snoke…you seen a hologram of Snoke. I’m not saying they are absolutely horrible…but a Bothan is a FELINE type creature and that’s much harder to pull of than a scaled lizard skin midget.
Plus you are trying to compare only to the FA, the other 6…arent the best. Less is more… and in this situation IMO its best to go for a human team and a gritty, sinister, realistic approach to the movie.

What Im saying is, the audience relates more to a human team than a bunch of man cats trying to infiltrate the Death star which is 98% humans

I’m making a guess right now, the team seeks refuge on a Bothan colony planet which gets destroyed so that the last team member or two can get offworld and deliver the plans.

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NICE!!! Very good idea! I like it alot! :slight_smile:

I think the Bothans can be done pretty well and probably wouldn’t need much CGI if any at all, they’re human in shape so you could get people in costumes and could use mostly animatronics for the face similar to the Lycans in Underworld.

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Actually they are more dog or horselike than they are compared to those of the feline persuasion…

:cat: :negative_squared_cross_mark:
:horse: :dog: :white_check_mark:

Read what i posted above from wookepedia…they are feline.

I’ve yet to see Ep 7 and think I would enjoy this a lot more than 7. Who doesn’t want to see Donnie Yen in Star Wars?

Why havent you seen Ep 7? I can link you to a free site if you have a decent chrome book or web broswing tablet.

Donnie Yen in star wars??? yeah sign me up! his movie Flashpoint was awesome, as are his Ip Man series. dude is a ton of fun to watch in his martial arts movies!