Star Wars Cameos or too expensive from Disney?

I rememeber a Star wars fighting game for the ps1 the tera kasi star wars fighting game ,they had vadar,boba fett Luke etc. If they want ideas for guest charcaters where do they draw the line? what do we have too choose from due to licensing rights? Boba Fett would be cool as an addition but I rememeber soul caliber doing the Yoda and Vadar cameos but if soul calibers devs had the cash for star wars im sure IG and Microsoft could get some,especially would be good for Disney and IG/Microsoft with the upcoming movies ?

Star wars is the best thing ever but i rather not have them in KI.

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Soul Caliber already did it, I think we could do better.

Darth Maul! He would be very epic for KI, but… Disney will said no to Microsoft, they want dumb games for kids. I wish Disney never buy Star wars… : (

I’d love to see a good Star Wars fighter, but I don’t think KI is the right place for this.

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I’d rather have ns star-wars characters at all. They’re already all over the place as it is. Only reason games like Soul Calibar IV ever got popular was Star Wars guest characters. Let’s keep it with in the IPs MS owns.

I agree but i understand why people want them. Star Wars is a religion, my house is full of star wars stuff but and i would love a star wars fighting game but yeah let them out of other franchises.

I’d rather have some knockoff accessories for a character, not a full licensed crossover.

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even so I still don’t think it belongs in KI.

At most I think Tusk should just have a giant plasma sword with the blade obviously being shaped like an actual blade.

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Plasma sword for Tusk (and maybe some broadsword and/or lightsabre shaped energy blade accessories for Fulgore) are about as close as I’d want to get to an sort of Star Wars cameo, personally.

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its the second time that you are saying the same as i am but you sound like i was saying the complete opp opposite.

(Cough) How about Spaceballs cameo? : D

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Like a battletoad is ??? come on that’s a lame thought, r u saying boba fett,jango fett, darth maul etc aren’t as good as a a frisking battletoad??? Rash looks cool but come on dude.

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I’m having trouble interpreting your broken English and bad grammar. Looking at my reply that you quoted it’s not clear what you mean when you say “Like a Battletoad is???” Is what?

Anyway, to liberally interpret, I think Rash is a more appropriate addition to KI than a Star Wars character. No one loves Star Wars more than me (no one…), but having Luke and Leia fistfighting with 60 hit combos makes no sense. Soul Calibur IV was actually the perfect game for a Star Wars crossover and I’d rather see that expanded than have Star Wars characters tacked on to KI.