Stances, Shadows, Desync & Replays - Correlation?

Earlier I watched a replay of a victory achieved by my little Eyedol shadow, and noticed something kinda strange. My shadows don’t see very much action, so I’ve only had a dozen or so replays to watch, but with former Jago and Omen shadows, they seemed to “remember” things about how I play - they would use Around the World during lockouts, Omen would do the juggle ender>st.LK x uf.Phasing~MP crossup reset I liked so much, stuff like that. Perhaps a sort of memory of sequences? I dunno how it works, I’m no programmer, it may as well be magic.

The strange thing: Eyedol shadow spent most of the match in Warrior (as usual), but when it would get into a ground combo, it would exclusively use qcb.K Linkers (including EX) - this is strange, because to date I have not used qcb.K linkers in Warrior, I’ve strictly used Clobber Linkers (though I do use the Splat Ender where applicable). In Mage, however, I use the qcb.K Linkers when comboing close, which isn’t horribly often. It’s usually transition>cr.HP x f.3K into Meteors>Bolt>Bolt>f.3K, and another switch is usually not far behind, if I made it that far.

Seeing Warrior Eyedol shadow using moves that I have not recorded as him reminded me of the issues with recording him in the Training Room, and how the Switch will get your recordings scrambled. These two things got me thinking about the weird replay bugs people tend to report where they watch the replay and what they see is often described as “random nothing” and “ghost AI’s”. I’ve noticed a lot of the random nothing is sequences of whiffed moves and unusual stray hits/jumps/throws - as if the recording is actually playing back the inputs, and a hiccup in (connection?) muddled the timing of the inputs, so the match comes out delayed after a point. Like, the weird whiff sequences would have been or were actually a combo, but the inputs and animations had a communication error… Does that all make sense?

I’m kind of rambling, but I think perhaps there could be a correlation between these issues.

TL;DR: Is there a correlation between the Stance Switch recording issues and replay desync? No? Yes? Maybe? Possible? Impossible?



I think the Eyedol issue is just a fault of how bad shadow lab actually is because there are certain things that the ganme simply just doesn’t account for in regards to your shadow - in your case, it’s simply not registering which stance you have to be in to do certain moves, and since the inputs are the same in each stance it just goes ham with said same inputs. A similar scenario with my Aganos shadow is not recognizing how many chunks he has to absorb attacks. He’ll stand there and take the hit, but with chunks he doesn’t actually have, so he gets opened up. There’s even a bug with the shadow lab where nobody’s quickrise score ever gets recorded, so virtually every shadow in existence has less than 1% in that stat. The mode is broken, hence why I don’t use it frequently.

As for the recording issue, I don’t think they’re linked with the above, but you otherwise described exactly what’s happening. It’s a royal pain when it does too…

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