Stages for All Season 3 Characters

So I have the entire game and its pretty damn sick how this generation’s Killer Instinct game has come and its getting much more awesome! The only downside that I have is that I noticed that Kim Wu, Tusk, and guest character Arbiter has their own stages. But the other 4 current released characters Rash, Mira, Gargos, and General RAAM do not… its boring to an extent because they don’t have their own stages. I mean you guys made characters with their own fighting/ultra themes but no stages to show them off with… its messed up. Is there a possibility that you guys can make stages for the these characters plus the last one that is still to be announced when he/she comes out? You guys have a Killer Franchise by far but please implement on putting stages for these characters so its unique and more meaningful than having to select a level with music change of their theme. It should of already been released with the character release progression and I don’t really want to buy the extra levels if you guys do decide to choose to make and release the other levels for these individual fighters.

This I agree.

Doesn’t Gargos have a stage though?

No he doesn’t unfortunately. Would be really cool if he has the stage that he has on his release profile with maybe a Stage Ultra to go with his stage. It be nice.

Not yet atleast.
Though I do have a feeling that empty slot under the random button will be filled before the season is over.

Oh and maybe a few of them or all of them having Stage Ultras to go with their stages?


Eh? Why say eh?

The stages were like bonuses for me.

Oh okay the “hero art” threw me off. Gargos looked like a potential stage vs Rash or KW with an empty background.

Yeah but we all been waiting on Season 3 for so long and they only want to give us 3 stages out of the 8 characters for season 3… that’s a bit messed up. Try looking at it this way…Season One and Two characters had their own music, ultra music, and stages so why would Season 3 be any different? We paid good money for the game so it should be power to the players and not get ripped off on what we want to see in a game that could go even further out of the extraordinary. Hell… might even surpass more than half the fighting games that were already released in 2016 if they tried.

Yeah sorry about that haha. Just his background looks pretty cool.

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Well technically speaking I got ripped off with Season 3 anyway since I don’t play any of the characters from Season 3 to begin with. I only bought it to know character weaknesses.

Saw this topic thinking. Oh yeah. They are giving the other characters stages! Wooo!!!

I can’t express in words, how I feel about another one of these topics soo…