Stage Ultraaaa and Purple shadow (Not feeling that)

Am I’m the only one that feels about this? The of the announcer yelling It just doesn’t blend in with the game when you do a stage ultra, just don’t sound right to me. As for the purple shadow it’s awesome look but way too much, there’s purple almost everywhere.

Not the only one, I hate the “stage ultra” shout, the purple shadow… and even the new enders are kinda odd.

Everything else is great though: character select screen, the new purple and green logo and start screen, and I particularly like that the game doesn’t say “season 3” anywhere.

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It looks like most of us do not approve this thing of stage ultra shouts. It feels friggin annoying to me. Plz take it out.
Everything in the game id fine. The purple shadows are ok but stuff happens again like it did with the weird stage ultra poses, remember that?

Also you guys could be more creative and take some inspiration from the unreal tournament announcer:

I suggest you guys to take it off or replace the staaaaage ultrrrraaaahhh with H-H-H-Holy Crap!!! Crap… Crap… M-M-M-Mother of Mercy!!! L-L-L-Look Out!!! Bullseye!!!

Adam has already confirmed that in patch 3.1 they are replacing it with a different version. HE admitted that it wasn’t the guys best vocal delivery. Just be patient and they are fixing it soon.


SOURCE PLZ!!! :grinning:

I just told you the source! Its in one of the thread straight orm ADAM Isgreen…search in the DEV tracker till you find it

Good God I hate that shout! It’s like something out of a horribly acted fighting game (SFV)? It sounds out of place with the quality of the game. I’m glad to hear they’re fixing it.

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The purple effect has grown on me, but I cant stand that black screen for the enders, the stage Ultra sound, or the new versus screen. Couldnt they just have turned the old one green and purple? They did that to everything else.

Very good news to read, thanks!

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