Stage ultra animations could really use some love

I just want to preface this thread by saying, I LOVE the inspiration for the stage ultras. They’re amazingly well thought out and the concepts behind them are fantastic. However the animations of the characters during these moments are a little lackluster. Frankly they are one of the most rough looking aspects of this game in my opinion and I feel that they’re responsible for quite a bit of why the game feels kind of low budget to some players. Let me just give a few examples of what I’m talking about.

ARIA’s stage ultra starts off well, the twirly animation that sends the foe through the glass is great but as soon as you start to fall that’s when things get ugly. The animation is awkward and doesn’t look good at all and on top of that it lasts entirely to long just making the goofiness even more embarrassing.

The animations aren’t nearly as noticeable when you watch the season finale trailer and they use completely different camera angles that look a thousand times better than the actual ones used in-game. This version would be much more impressive in-game with a few tweaks.

Kan-Ra’s stage ultra looks fantastic 50% of the time and silly the other 50%. If you perform the finisher from the left side of the screen the animation lines up perfectly and the enemy is sucked into the portal with a cute little kicking and struggling animation before being closed off in the void. However if you do the finisher from the RIGHT side of the screen the animation is completely off. The enemy is facing the wrong direction and is pulled backwards awkwardly into the portal and it just looks bad.

Aganos’ stage ultra… I shouldn’t even need to explain why this one looks wonky as heck. The poor dinosaur in the picture is already mostly petrified and her body is still moving and even at that the final hand gestures are janky as heck.


I was surprised by Aria’s stage ultra too. It was so awesome in the trailer, but in the actual game it just looks silly.

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I don’t get how Arias knock off animation could have been accepted considering how much worse in quality it is compared to the rest of KIs animations. The start of the animation with the character twisting looks cool and then as soon as the camera angle changes, they’re not twisting… I really hope it gets fixed at some point. Camera angles definitely need to be adjusted to make it feel more dynamic and they need to fall about twice as fast.


I always though the Aria stage ultra animation was an intentional throwback to the cheesy 90’s animations.

Even the old animations where they spiral towards the ground are more interesting.