Stage ultimates question

how to you activate stage ultimates or when exactly in the match? Do you have to use it while in a combo mode?

Yes, like an Ultra you have to do it in a combo. They are location specific on certain stages and have the opposite buttons (ie if the Ultra is with 3 punches, Stage Ultra is with 3 kicks).
For TJ, its on the left side of the screen
For Hisako, its in the center around the shrine area. Also for Kan-Ra and Aganos
For Aria, its on the right side of the screen.

So it only works if I start a normal combo first when the opponent is in danger bar? It won’t work if I just do the stage combo itself right?

Yes. You can confirm an Opener into Ultra to avoid breakable combos when you just want to finish them off

okay and if i want to repeat the ultimates, HK and HP same time? Any specific time I have to press both and then after that do I put in the combo again?

Firstly, there’s only one Ultimate in this game and it can’t be done twice. We’re talking about Ultras, which can be extended using recaptures or Instinct-cancel. Just wanted to make that clear.
If you want to repeat you should make sure your KV is low enough if you’re going for recapture, or hit Instinct at a point during the Ultra (some spots cannot be Instinct cancelled so you will need to find the timing for yourself). After recapture you will need to input another move before you can Ultra, but an Instinct cancel can be followed by an Ultra input almost immediately.
Now that I have told you this, I should also add that Double or Triple Ultras are usually frowned upon. So while it is generally considered “good” to not do them, your choice is exactly that, yours.

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KV is that yellow bar right? And HP and HK at same time would cancel it?

If you’re talking about the long yellow bar under the life bars, those are Instinct meters. KV meter is the one that shows up when you start a combo, going from green to yellow to red depending on your combo.