Stage lighting of the S1 stages

Something I don’t understand is why the stage lighting of the S1 stages was changed. It started with fulgore’s stage lighting being changed because supposedly keits is color blind. And then a few months later, the devs said the lightings were changed due to some issue that had to do with adding more content, not understanding the HEX engine or something like that. So which one is it? Or are all of these just excuses?

Supposedly only Fulgore’s stage was changed to aid those who are color blind. The others that happened more or less glitches.

Yeah but they didn’t have to change all of them. They should at least give us an option to switch the lighting to the original ones.

All of them? The only change that stayed was Fulgore’s stage. The others were ether left alone or patched (except Sabrewulf’s currently, but that’s getting patched soon)

I forgot his name but there is another user on these forums who a while ago posted images of the lighting changes/differences. So yes, all of them were altered in some way.

Care to specify please?

I’d have to contact the person I’m talking about since they have the images.

Well personally the stage lighting in the Season 1 stages didn’t bother me at all in the slightest

I like the lighting in Fulgore stage but Sabrewulf stage lighting is odd looks like a cartoon

In the end does the lighting really matter that much? The game looks great… this is a bit nit picky isn’t it?

The only one i have ever noticed is the recent Sabrewulf glitch and maybe the Thunder glitch a few motnhs ago…that’s it.

Fulgore stage aside, they were / are bugs. We address them as we or the community finds 'em.

May I ask what it is you guys are trying to do with the engine that keeps screwing up the lighting?

Honestly, the lighting/resolution/etc should never have been changed, it caused more problems than anything else.

Why is scr3w1ng censored?

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The individual’s posts were seen by many during the season 2 forums. I don’t remember his name though. Someone who’s been around since earlier this year should know who I’m talking about.

I think that post was on the S2 forums

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Yeah it was…

Old topic here but it does bug me quite a bit that some stages have normal lighting then others (mostly season 2) have a weird glowy effect that almost looks like it softens textures? I can’t really explain because I don’t know what it is, makes fireballs and the particles look really bright. I heard awhile it was a shader bug or something? Now that you guys announced a new lighting system at the ki world cup, does that mean we are going fully into this new glowy effect? Id love a post detailing this stuff, I find it really interesting.

We’ll be talking about what’s changing in S3 soon. Stay tuned!

Kim’s Stage looks amazing!
I hope you guys considered bonus stages!

Or maybe weather or night/day versions like Jago / shadow Jago stages

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I actually really like that effect, it’s super cool

You think so? I feel it loses a lot of the detail in the projectile itself cause its so bright. Try looking for a video of the fireball before the changes.