Stage descriptions in the Killer Instinct Community Guide

To those who are not aware, I’ve been working on a project with the assistance of some members of this forum, including @GalacticGeek, @Ziarist, @RGLOfficial, @Sasuke99I and others, to create what I hope will be the most accessible resource for any visually impaired or totally blind players (the latter like myself), who might either want to up their game or are just starting out.

Before I go ahead and give the links, I’ll get to the topic’s subject. There are many sections incomplete or awating the final pieces - I know @Ziarist has been working his backside off for a while to try and get the season1/2 dojo completed and I know @MasterZenek is still working on a few things. What we’re missing, however, is stage-related information, as can be seen in the guide’s heading structure. If anyone would be willing to help with this, please reply here and we can discuss any concerns or questions etc.

Also, if anyone feels they can help with characters that are not yet completed, feel free to comment in the appropriate threads.
So, now to the links.

You can find the original thread on the guide here and the testing version at this link, though keep in mind it is only a testing version.

Thanks in advance, let’s see how much we can get sorted before S3 (even if the guide isn’t finished by then)

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