Stage Brainstorming

Curious if anyone has thought of this, or if this friggin ghost board will get any responses. But I’m bored, thinking about KI, and dreaming about what could have been. So I’m curious. The characters that didn’t get their own stages were Omen, Rash, Mira, RAAM, Eyedol, Kilgore, Shin Hisako, and Eagle. So if they got stages to call home, what would you want them to be?

In terms of Eyedol, I’d want something that would be a callback to his original stages. Like, a cracked coliseum/throne room with dead bodies everywhere, showing the various heroes he had killed throughout the ages. Rash, I think some fun could be had with the graphics - like, imagine the first level from the “Battletoads” game, but it’s transitioning from old retro-style graphics to 3d.
Kilgore - probably an updated version of the Ultratech Museum from KI2 with all kinds of machines, robots, mechs, etc.

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Omen: “The other side” of the dimension into his dimension of evil origin.
Rash: The speeder bike tunnel with the brain-like textures.
Mira: In a haunted garden behind her castle.
RAAM: A map with his army cheering him on
Eyedol: OG map with the lava, no doubt.
Kilgore: A scrapyard with heaps of Ultratech projects.
Shin Hisako: “Underground” realm where the hands come from
Eagle: OG log bridge from KI1.


Omen: thats a tough one.
Rash: That would be either the most popular or most infamouse and well known stage in the game.
Mira:I guess the base of operations for the vampires
RAAM:Gears of war stage (I’m not familiar with Gears of War)
Eyedol: A stage that would be a call back to one of his stages. Like the bridge or the other stage they would put you in from time to time.
Kilgore: Abandoned factory where he was found.
Shin Hisako:Like Omen that’s a tricky one
Eagle: Somewhere near devils landing.

For Omen, maybe something like the gravity drive from “Event Horizon”?

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