Spooky scary headless robot ghost banished to the underworld

The choice of stage and that bloody skin couldn’t have been better for this glitch.
When can we get this creepy skin for retro Fulgore?


lol, really scary! I saw an Aria’s walking torso only one time too after an ultra, the floating torso!

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Since these skins are already in the game, why cant we use/unlock/buy them? @rukizzel

Yeah I got them at the start of the Kilmore quest chain. When u face him he was wearing different accessories

Yeah it was the first Kilgore mission.

I don’t think it was a glitch, it straight said in the breifing it was a banged up robot.

The fact you can see though the character model looks pretty glitchy, I’d hope that they didn’t do that on purpose and call it good.

That’s nothing. One time, I saw TJ with no legs. You know how difficult that was? lol

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The bloody retro Fulgore is his Color 6. Just need to own retro Fulgore for that.
The missing head is a bug. :stuck_out_tongue: