Splitscreen on PC

This is something I hate being a PC player.
No game has Splitscreen on PC, even Games which advertise with Splitscreen coop don’t have it on PC (like Borderlands and the new Star Wars Battlefront)
But where is the problem ?
I’m sure most PCs could handle Splitscreen better than consols and if you have 2 controllers and your screen is big enough I see no problem.
So why have PC games no Splitscreen ? I hope that I can play KI with a friend on 1 PC.

The return on investment isn’t there for developers. Most PC gamers don’t play split screen games as such developers would be spending development resources for a very small amount of people. I imagine is also that if you’re on a PC you are using a smaller monitors 30 inches or less compared to some of the larger home theater displays that people hook consoles up to.

Anyways hopefully as windows 10 matures and becomes more integrated with xbox one and what not there will be less disparity between PC ports and their console counter parts.

Actually I’m pretty sure Serious Sam 3:BFE has split screen on PC.
However, it’s definitely the exception rather than the rule. It’s part of what makes me so sad to see so many console games forgoing split screen these days (even Halo, a series built on the back of split screen.) It’s like they’re determined to get rid of every advantage they have over PC gaming. No split screen, long installs that take up a ton of space, and none of the power or fancy graphics to make for up it :frowning:

Although split screen fans are passionate about the feature, the reason it is disappearing from consoles is the same reason it’s not on PC. People just don’t buy games based on that feature anymore.

Depends on who you ask. Split screen is the reason Im not getting Halo 5. I don’t mind games not having it, but games that rely on a cooperative focus should have it as an option.

I don’t doubt you at all. And with no offense intended, I just doubt that there are enough people who agree to matter.

None taken. I just find it unfortunate that local multiplayer doesn’t get much love anymore (outside of fighting games and designated “party games” like Wii Sports or Rockband) :cry:

I support Halo’s reasoning for not having split screen. It kind of sucks in that the franchise was built of a playerbase who played in groups on the couches but I’ll take 60 FPS over sacrificing gameplay for the split screen feature.

The main reason I have a wii U is for the local multiplayer that’s sorely lacking in other consoles. Nintendo understands there’s still a niche market for it.

I’d just like to point out, you don’t need split screen for KI at all. I’m sure you will be able to play local matches for the PC version. If I was at home I could verify whether MKX on PC had local play.

Yes that’s right Serios Sam 3 has Spitscreen on PC.
And if Halo would come to PC I would buy Master Chief Collection instead of 5 because of more content and splitscreen.

That’s another reason why I don’t do PC gaming anymore.

I really wish Some games like Halo5 would have splitscreen then my brother ^^^ May at least join me.

I really hope the next one doesn’t do that.

unfortunately it means some of us who built memories of playing with our siblings in the same room won’t be able to do much with that 60 frames per-second screen stuff. Not really much good if it means we loose the ability to coop locally.

We don’t exactly have enough room for another T.V. and an X-boxOne. Hpefully the next one will be able to have hat 60-frames per second and splitscreen.

I doubt this will be the case as the hardware is limited. #PCMasterrace ;-). I have the same nostalgia as you and I think split screen would have been great. They had to make a business decision have split screen and sacrifice graphical fidelity or performance (FPS directly effects the games responsiveness). I imagine they took a look at the numbers which showed that there are a lot of people out there not playing on split screen. In addition they want Halo to be a leader in e-sports and that won’t happen if the game isn’t responsive. They could have compromised on the graphical fidelity but I suspect that would hurt the casual market who really want visuals.

TLDR; XBox and PS4 hardware were dated when they were released and games are hamstrung by their limitations.

It’s a shame we’re losing something like that. if they don’t find a way for that to work, I may skip out on the next Halo for that time. I was gonna sip Halo5 because it lacked split-screen but I decided to give it a chance, I’m gonna put my foot down on the next one unless it has something else to entice me. Just my preference but games that I can play with my brother usually have a longer chance of staying around, with the exception being Warframe.

One thing is for sure, the lack of split screen in Halo 5 is a sign that shows what happens when people choose looks over gameplay.
But even with limitations games can still be fun.

If some PC gamers want to keep bragging sure, console games Just need to ignore them and enjoy their consoles.

I find it funny that Black Ops 3 has Splitscreen on PC

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