Spinning tomahawk move

Played with thunder the other night just For the heck of it; he’s defintely one of my least used characters. I noticed that I couldn’t do his tomahawk spin attack( don’t know the actual name of the attack) more than like twice in a combo before he automatically goes into his sammamish move. I literally tried it over and over again and it happened every single time. Did they change something with this move or was I just going crazy or something ? Lol

If I was to guess, you’re inputting the moves too fast back to back. The system is probably picking up the DF-F from your previous input and performing Sammamish with the down input from your next Tripleax attempt.


I don’t think you can do a tomahawk 3 times in a row in a combo. Mainly because linker can’t follow a linker. Now if you mean in total of the combo, then there is a problem. Will test.


That’s honestly one of the reasons why I use the joystick instead of the D-pad.

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