Spinal's story in season 3

Is the mask still involved? Cause it feels like in season 2 Spinal has joined Ultratech again or something.

Will it be involved in season 3?

The mask is a part of S2. That’s how ARIA is controlling him.

Will Spinal’s story be explained how it was brought back to life in the beginning? I bet he was involved in the tournament too.

I’m sure this will be explained soon in one of the character backstories their releasing! If they go in order, it should be about a month and a half til then, but that’s not toooo long :skull:

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What about his origins? Will they finally be revealed?

Did anyone else notice that Spinal was " Recruited by a scheming vizier in ancient Babylon " ?

Kan-Ra - " Babylon, 559 BC: Kan-Ra is named vizier, head advisor to the throne. "

So Spinal and his network of bandits were hired by Kan-Ra to lessen the King’s power a long time ago, before being caught and cursed by the Mask. That same King is the one Kan-Ra wanted to overthrow but was busted for using a spell to seduce the Queen and also had a curse placed on him.

Interesting that these two have some history with each other. If what I have read is correct both of them wish to lift these curses from themselves one way or another so therefor kind of have a similar goal …could we possibly see an alliance one day?


Honestly disappointed they just made Spinal a Babylonian bandit. I remember in an interview with Mick Gordon that he described Spinal as being this weird Lovecraftian thing that was millions of years old and was terrorizing the world as part of his “afterlife”. Also a bit odd that a Babylonian bandit would be called “Spinal” since the word itself is Latin in origin.

The name goes back to KI-1. Not to mention its a cool name. He probably didn’t get the name Spinal till after he was brought to life.

Oh yeah, I know that. I’ve been playing the game since 94. I know that Spinal’s original name back when it was “Brute Force” was Argo as a reference to “Jason and the Argonauts”, but then was subsequently named “Spinal”. In terms of the in-game story, though, no explanation is ever given, which is a shame.
The devs could have said that he was a being known as “Spina de Diaboli”, or “Devil’s spine”, or something to that effect, thereby justifying “Spinal”.

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