Spinal's potential ultimate

How do you picture/envision Spinal’s ultimate?

He laughs. That’s it.

Murders my soul.


I picture him running maniacally towards the opponent only to vanish in a teleport right in front of the opponent (who flinches). He reappears behind the opponent, and hits them with his shield, which causes them to stumble forward. As they do, Spinal shoots a skull upwards and off screen. As the opponent recovers, they look up (dramatic camera pan upwards) to see a planet-sized (over-exaggeration) skull (think skull-ender) bearing down upon them. They cower in fear by covering their face. The skull vanishes. As they recover, they look around confused - Spinal is nowhere to be seen. As they do, a dramatic camera pan reveals him behind them (his bones come together in dramatic fashion). A skeletal hand comes out out of the ground, lifts them up, and Spinal stabs them through the back (off-screen) while laughing maniacally. The skeletal hand then drops the now dead opponent. Spinal is, yet again, nowhere to be seen.


I like to imagine that he grabs the opponent with a big spectral hand, does a bit of a wind up, and throws them into orbit Team Rocket style. Then afterwards he rolls around on the ground giggling like a schoolgirl :joy:

I wanna see spinal summon a spectral skeleton. Like the arms he summon from the ground with his combo trait. A giant 40-50 foot skeleton(just up to his rib cage.) with a hiant sword like spirals. One giant stab and then the giant skeleton takes the body back through the green portal

Sorry. Couldn’t resist


Quite frankly, that’s what should’ve happened in TJ’s ultimate, with a super vortex.