Spinal's opener-ender (Skull ender) grants him free skull

Even with the combo broken, spinal gets a free skull when doing an opener to ender (corner circle forward heavy punch.)
I just had a match where someone kept spamming it constantly to get quick skulls. If you guys really want Spinal to remain over powered with that unnecessary dash cancel, fine. I can live with that, but can we at least see this fixed?
Maybe it isn’t a common issue so it doesn’t beg immediate attention but I’d be happy if this one was gone at some point.

If he kept spamming an opener ender it was a free break for you with no cash out, so it put him on the defensive and did very little damage. Yes quick opener enders are annoying but not really an effective strategy.

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If it’s consistent across the board, I see no problem in it. I’m not sure if all battery enders have the same property.

As Banemobius said, it’s not really an effective strategy. He would use the skulls to set you up for damage he just sacrificed to get the skull.

true. but i feel like he has an advantage since he has good spacing and a skull.

Eh. Dunno how that would ever be a viable strategy though…the combo break spacing resets more or less to neutral, but Spinal’s neutral isn’t all that great to be honest, and a single skull doesn’t do a ton to really change that calculus. He’s also giving you a ton of instinct by being continuously broken like that. Sure, he can steal it back, but that’s predicated on him getting a hit into something more substantial than “I touched you, searing skull”.

As to the other thing, pretty sure all batteries give meter on opener to ender - the meter-granting portion usually hits early enough, and what you break is usually your character falling to the ground after the fact.