Spinal's figurine

Hi there,

It seems like I have missed out on purchasing spinals figurine from ultimate source’s website, Is there ANYWHERE else or does anybody know of someone will to part with their figurine and code for colour 10 lol.

I have had a very busy start to 2017, and anything killer instinct related has been put on the back burner. If anyone has any info on where I can get my button mashing fingers on one that would be awesome.

I have been on a very slow grind since this game out from day 1 trying to unlock everything in the game, having Spinal’s colour 10 would add to my collection.

try amazon and ebay, its real hard but sometimes one figure pops randomly. I dont want to brag but spinal figure its awesome!!!

I’ve had the same issue where I really couldn’t snag one when they first came out. I asked Ultimate Source about the situation when I finally had money and he was sold out and the only response they would give was that they were sold out. :confused:

lucky you!. I will keep an eye out thanks.

Yes, it is a very unfortunate situation, one of which I am hoping the team @IronGalaxy can help with, as much as I would love the Spinal figurine, is there anyway possible that I can purchase colour 10 for spinal?, hell i’d even go as far as paying the money just for the colour itself seeing as though I have unlocked majority of the unlockables. My goal one day is to finish this game 100 percent.

thanks Team.

Mine is still sitting in the box due to lack of shelf space =( but I’m building my shelves sometime this summer. Then I’ll have my true KI shrine.

same нere, i hope iron galaxy do it something in the future for those that lost color codes or something

I found this


it says that they will have it in shops in may 2017 ???

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After looking at that, I did a quick search for Creata USA and found several other sites that put the same date. The sites also had Shago figures dated for the same time.

It’s odd that they’re all naming Creata USA and not Ultimate Source…perhaps a company name change, or perhaps they got bought out? That would explain the near radio silence regarding the 2nd wave figures.

Nice find, whatever the story is with Ultimate Source I hope I can eventually buy the missing spinal figure, I would be incredibly gutted if i were to miss out on 1 color. I guess all i can do now is wait and see, Hopefully the team can keep us in the loop with the figures.

It is a bit unfortunate that this was a limited edition figure, had I known sooner, I would’ve picked him up for my collection.