Spinal + Omen = Shadow Spinal? (Tha Wut If lol)

I tried to be creative with the title btw.

Anyways while I was going for a haircut and a shave this afternoon, a thought popped into my head. What if we fused Spinal with Omen and got Shadow Spinal? I honestly don’t know why Omen would want a skeletal host but design wise I think he would like more like Bloodfire Hades from Smite.

Just Blue as heck!!

Gameplay wise, to be honest, I don’t know where to even begin. Perhaps as a unique trait, his skulls can temporarily weaken the opponent’s special move damage by a fair percentage for 5 seconds, should the opponent get hit once. If hit up to three times then that damage nerf will last up to 9 seconds.

Perhaps he’ll still have wings but they could be used to block an attack that doesn’t outright destroy it completely.

Again this is just an idea from me and I think it would look cool.

Any thoughts?

Spinal + Omen = Shinal, Shanal, Spomen, Shadal, the list goes on…


I like Shinal better than the rest of them.


Sick idea, 2 of my mains in one.

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