Spinal morphing into other characters

Maybe it doesn’t have to be an ender but rather just a quick animation of spinal turning into a completely purple version of whatever character he is fighting while doing a shadow move, specifically shadow soul sword and boneshaker.

Or how about spinal briefly turns into a character that has a move that matches one of his?

While fighting jago, spinal can transform into him when doing shadow soul sword.
While fighting glacius, spinal can transform into him when doing shadow boneshaker.
While fighting fulgore, spinal can transform into him when doing shadow searing skull.
While fighting tusk, spinal can transform into him when doing shadow skeleport.

(By the way, in example 3, his skulls don’t turn into blades and in example 4, he doesn’t get a sword and use tusk’s motion, it’s just spinal’s appearance that changes, not the moves or their animations)

Of course, spianl would have to first get his KV meter to at least level 3 or 4 and then do a shadow move, where he can transform into the character he’s fighting only during the duration of a shadow move.

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There was already another thread about this topic

Mine’s different tough.

Not by much if you want me to be blunt with you. Doesn’t change the fact that it requires an unnecessary amount of time and programming just for “paying an homage”

This post explains my point best just replace ender with shadow move.

Plus there it also brings issues as far as utility goes. You put examples of characters that have similar looking shadow moves, but does everybody have them? What can moves can he take from characters like TJ, Hisako, or Kan-Ra (each with varying degrees of speed and number of hits) without it looking weird?

Now could I see this returning as an ultimate? Maybe. But as a main part of his toolkit? No.


Duuuuuuude, No Mercy where he does one move as each character before ending it with… something hype, I unno.

I saw this thread, and was gonna link the original, but it was super late and I wasn’t up to digging through the clutter of search results - which, is so cluttered, precisely because of duplicate threads such as this. No offense @VladKravich, I know you’re just making conversation and have no ill-intent, but one word difference in subject matter does not a unique thread make. This very well could have just been your contribution to the original thread discussing the hopes of a return of Spinal’s morph - ender, shadow move, linker, whatever - the method isn’t really important, the subject is Spinal’s Morph.

All that said, thanks @DiagonalSpy07 for doing the legwork for me. You’re a pal. :smiley:

I still stand by the entirety of what I said in the original thread.


Even if it was just spinal’s appearance that changed, not the move’s animation necessarily?

Care to specify please?

I don’t think I can be any more clearer. If I had editing software I could probably demonstrate what I mean.

I meant like a detailed example.

Not sure of what you mean… The way I see it, there’s a few ways it could be done, but they all largely amount to the same conclusion, it’s just a matter of degree (investment-to-quality ratios).

I’ll use a couple of your examples. Let’s say Spinal’s EX Sword animates as a transformation into Jago’s EX Sword. They could animate a shapeshift wherein Spinal becomes Jago, Jago performs the pre-existing Sword animation, and shapeshifts back into Spinal. Or they could forego the “shapeshifting” with an instantaneous model-swap hidden in some obscuring visual effect, I guess. That one’s I guess maybe on the easier side.

Tusk for Skeleport, I assume, would be like Spinal disappearing and re-appearing as Tusk on the other side performing the animation for his EX DP? This one might be a little more clunky, as the animation would almost certainly require the aforementioned instant model-swap and obscuring effect (bright light, particles, whatever).

But the big concern is the conditions which decide who he shapeshifts into, and how that would affect essentially “what becomes what”. Does he morph into his opponent, or is there an element of RNG? If he morphs into his opponent, how to go about making sure that there is an aesthetically compelling move-to-move transition for X-moves over 25 characters? What happens to L4 EX Fireball vs. RAAM, for example? If RNG is the solution, there is still the original problems I posed.

I’m not trying to be a wet blanket… but at this point in the games life, and where it seems to be going, I think Morph is better left to the possibility of Ultimates.

Or a Changeling character whose gimmick is Shang Tsung-esque.

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if anyday KI is made , this is a must be for spinal!