Spinal Match-ups

Figured we could use a thread for Spinal Match-up discussion.
With Season 2 being given a decent amount of time to age how do you guys feel about the spooky skelly?

I still think (after the glitch is removed) he is easy top 3. His strength against other dominant characters such as Kan-Ra really helps a lot.

I know early on people though he struggled against Thunder. What are your opinions on that matchup now? I personally feel its probably 5-5. Even though Thunder wins the neutral game against spinal, he can still turn it around fairly easy with one good mixup.

While I am not sure right now I feel that Cinder could potentially be a dangerous matchup in the future. Great mobility combined with a good DP could be dangerous. Same with Rash as well.

What you guys think?

I always hated the Sadira match-up. If she manages to knock you down without skulls or shadow meter, you are going to face LOTS of mix ups with very poor options to respond