Spinal Figurehead in Sea of Thieves

There is an in-game bowsprit for Sea of Thieves that looks like Spinal. Maybe three or four years later than I would have hoped but it’s cool that Rare/Microsoft are finally using the KI characters to cross over to other games.

Apparently this is a hot commodity. They are giving them away through the Rare twitter account.


I’d definetly like one, but I don’t know if I want to be entered in a drawing. I just want to buy it, lol.

However, I do like they are doing this. Nice to show that KI is still very well being represented in other games. Goes to show that Microsoft does care, and that KI as an IP is very valuable to them.

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I haven’t been able to determine if they were ever released for sale anyway or as part of a package. It seems like yes but they are rare (no pun intended) so they are going on eBay for some stupid amount. The giveaway is concerned that they want to give them to players rather than eBay sellers.

These event exclusive items in sea of thieves, like the Spinal figurehead are only exclusive for 30 days (or maybe it was 60?!) then they’ll be available in game for everyone!

I tried to win one on twitter as KI and SoTs are two of my favourite games but no luck. Won’t be waiting too long though at least.

That’s interesting. So do they just unlock for everyone or is there some way to earn them in game?

I keep wanting to be interested in Sea of Thieves but it never really seems like there is anything very interesting to do other than grief other players.

They just appear for sale at the shipwright in game. Figureheads usually cost around 49,000 gold, which sounds like a lot if you’re only just starting but it soon becomes pocket change.

I get that SoTs is a hard sell, even for me when I’m playing with random players it can be a frustrating experience. However playing solo and especially with friends it’s a blast. It does have a pretty steep learning curve though as it’s pretty unforgiving for new players. Really rewarding if you stick with it though imo.

Okay, well I love coop games. But give me some idea of the grind or mission structure.

Ive got a code if you are still looking :metal:


If you’re parting with it I will happily take it. My kids will think I’m a hero. We’ve been playing in a free gamepass trial and the two of them are obsessed…

Already sent…

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Still looking! :hugs: no worries if it’s gone though. How come you had a spare? Pick them up from comic con?

I sent it to you on Sea of thieves forum. I was at the panel Singer #2 and ended up with a few

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Thanks so much. I look forward to the panel video being uploaded to YouTube. Very generous of you!

A spinal figurehead?! i didn’t even know they had a figurehead for Sea of thieves that was my favorite game on super nintendo! I’m late to know of it i even bought killer instinct for the one lol.