Spinal: Against the big boys and the jumpers

Spinal is by far my best and favorite character to play. Some things that make tough wins for me are larger characters like Agnos and Eye doll primarily because most successful blocks against them puts me out of range to easily punish, and any player who decides they want to jump the entire game.

I tend to believe that a good player will never have a bad character match up, how ever Agnos and Eye Doll are definitely a challenge.

Spinal also seems to me to struggle against any character that wants to jump the entire match, even a button masher can pose a huge threat. It seems that Spinals air to air is a little shy of par and without a capture, the best method I find is to carefully time anti air, skull Tele and pressure as much as possible.

Any thoughts or methods?

Would suggest putting this in the character’s area under spinal to get better help fom players who know him well enough to assist. Just thought I’d let you know, though your question is completely valid

Hey thanks man ! New to the site, I’ll send it over !

No problem. Also, if you want to run some training sets, I’d be happy to. My gt is the same as my forum name.

You got it man , Yummytick35 is me

Spinal’s jump+HP is an amazing air-to-air button, though against certain jump-in’s you certainly won’t have time to do it on reaction. If all they’re doing is jumping, then just jump as well and tag them with it. Spinal’s down+HP is a very serviceable anti-air in general though, and you can also use soul sword due to it’s pretty large hitbox.

If they’re jumping at awkward ranges where you don’t feel confident in your ability to AA, just teleport behind them and reset the situation.

When I played Spinal in Season 1 and 2 I would sometimes run under someone right as they jumped and hit them as they landed. Not sure how that would work against someone like Aganos though.

Thank you all for the advice !