Spin off adventure idea

So I was just thinking about an amazing spin off game. It would play like Darksiders. Here is the idea:
After Gargos was defeated and the astral plane was closed shadow jago felt a loss of power and purpose. He no longer felt like a puppet doing his masters bidding, but he also notices his sword is heavier, his attacks are slower, and his overall power has been weakened. With his ties to jago and the astral plane severed he must venture on to reclaim his power and find meaning in this life.


There should also be one for omen imo. In SL he pretty much proclaims how he is no longer a slave to Gargos just as much as he shouts “bow before the herald of Gargos”. It would be cool if he and shago teamed up with omen having power on his mind and shago thinking about what his purpose is now.

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Coop shago and omen

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Until shago gets a change of heart and ends up helping jago. Together they both combine their power to take out omen who by this point has accumulated a ■■■■ ton of power. Seems like a fitting end for one of favorite characters.

Why not go the GTA way and have 3 “protagonists”. You have the main story with Gargos but there would be quite a few side missions to play as Omen and Shago to aid Gargos.

I was just going off of the dialogue in SL and the end of omens backstory. I’m pretty sure that after you fight him in the SL training he’s had it with taking orders and wants power. Shago on the other hand I haven’t done his quest line so I can’t say.