Special Teams?

I read that in SL, if you compose teams with a bad relationship in the lore, will unlock special stages.

Is there a list with which teams will unlock conditions in story mode? I don’t want to miss dossiers by missing this

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I haven’t heard this. I knew you could have team members that don’t get along, I’ve had eyedoll in my team a whole bunch but nothing ever came of it. Also I knew that you could a team that don’t agree, but I didn’t know it would mean anything.

I don’t think there is such a thing, or at least I haven’t encountered it.
Maybe that was a reference to certain things that can happen with Ultratech-aligned fighters or such.

They did mention this way back when SL launched. Certain team members work well together and others not so much. How that unfolds I’m not sure.Maybe we just misunderstood or maybe its there but not easily recognizable?

@TotalJimkata Can you shed some light on this since you are the King of Shadow lords please sir?