Special Songs for Killer Instinct

This may sound bizarre but has anyone played a certain song for the characters you play in a match, here would be a few for each of mine

Orchid: https://youtu.be/SXiSVQZLje8

Kim Wu: https://youtu.be/r_EZb20hUNY

Jago: https://youtu.be/hYPoknA1Z3o

Maya: https://youtu.be/OjpRDmXoyMk

Sabrewulf: https://youtu.be/ivGbbeFpPKw

Mira: https://youtu.be/2UrA9zBSY8c

General RAAM: https://youtu.be/fg0yNGcqE0Y

Omen: https://youtu.be/lhZDbLECWt4

What Songs do you Play with which character, I bet some of the stuff you listen to is just as crazy as my picks

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Songs I intended to listen to when playing this game…

Jago - Around the World (Atlas Plug)

Sabrewulf - Evolution (Korn)

Glacius - Intergalactic (Beastie Boys)

Thunder - Crow Dance (Tomahawk)

Sadira - Ballroom Blitz (Sweet)

Orchid - And She Was (Talking Heads)

Spinal - Drunken Sailor (Irish Rovers)

Fulgore - New Elysium (Celldweller)

ShadowJago/Omen - Ultra (KMFDM)

TJ Combo - The Mark (OmegaSparx)

Maya - Strangers Like Me (Phill Collins)

KanRa - Walk Like an Egyptian (The Bangles)

Riptor - Good Enough (Cyndi Laurper)

Aganos - Land Down Under (MenAtWork)

Hisako - Haunted (Disturbed)

Cinder - Ready to Roll (JetBlackStare)

ARIA - Ghost Love Score (Nightwish)

Kim Wu - Sweet Emotion (Areosmith)

Tusk - Valkyries (Blind Guardian)

Mira - Killer Queen (Queen)

Eyedol - Sandman (Metallica)

Gargos - Hellraiser (Ozzy Osborne)

Rash - Hit Me With Your Best Shot (Pat Benatar)

Arbiter - Halo 1+2 Main Themes

General RAAM - End of the World (Carpenters)

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nice picks

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When Im winning a match with Shago and my opponent blocks the wrong way every day. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W4tVH7BPb-Q&feature=youtu.be&t=1m21s

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