Special mode in Training Mode

KI could have a mode inside Training mode which allows you to establish certain rules for a match against the CPU or another player ( totally support the idea of an Online Training mode ).

the types of rules are listed below:

light punches: on/off
light kicks: on/off
medium punches: on/off
medium kicks: on/off
heavy punches: on/off
heavy kicks*: on/off (the sweeps are included, too )
specials: on/off
throws: on/off
sweeps: on/off
jumping: on/off
CPU level: 1-9/off
Player 2: the person who is player 2 needs only press start on his/her controller to enter this mode.

This rules apply for both sides. For example, suppose you set the rules to allow only sweeps and throws, no jumping. You and the CPU/Player 2 can only do sweeps and throws.

This mode could facilitate the understanding about the different aspects of the game and reduce the learning curve for the begginers.

Inspiration for this article: Core-A Gaming video, Getting better at Fighting Games ( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pm9IECEnKHQ )

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Somebody mentioned such a thing in the Begging Santa For Lab Upgrades thread… why not drop by and add your voice to the choir? Even a copy/paste would do!

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