Spanish speakers: Do you know and listen to this singer/vocalist?

Italian international pop superstar sensation Laura Pausini and here are just a few songs by AND from her too:

English version

Spanish version

Side-note: I personally have a number of Laura Pausini’s albums myself here including the Spanish-language version of her album Entre Tu Y Mil Mares as well as her first-ever English-language debut album From the Inside. So yes overall, I really enjoy listening to Laura Pausini’s music very much now especially ever since I first heard as well as listened to one of her songs for the VERY first time specifically the one titled “The Extra Mile” on the Pokemon the Movie 2000 soundtrack (and at the same time THAT is where I first heard of as well as listened to Laura Pausini for the VERY first time for me here overall) :smile: :grin: :sunglasses: :blush: :thumbsup: :+1:

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Don’t know why the videos are unaviable O__O

Anyway, I know her as an artist and I also like her style.
This song for instance:

It was popular when I was a child =D

But at first I didn’t know she was italian =O The two italian artists in Spanish that I’ve listened to are Laura Pausini and Eros Ramazotti (their music in italian is great too!) And they are very known in my country =)

And there are more, but I lost track of them. I usually I listen to English music, electronic or soundtracks. But I’m open to other things, unless it’s something I really dislike (not fan of reggeaton for instance).
Now I’m listening to Lindsey Stirling, she has some nice songs combining electronic and violin. And considering you like Ori style you make like Pete’s Dragon song named: “Something Wild”. It makes me think of The Last Guardian an Ori in a way :blush:

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she is very pupular in Mexico, and very gorgeous italian singer :blush:

this is my favorite song the title in english (between you and a thousand of seas)

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