Spanish basic KI tutorial / Tutorial básico español sobre KI

Maybe late, but I finally managed to do this basic tutorial series for Spanish speakers.

This started when the game launched on Steam. I recently bought it and I’m hyped again so I posted in my country biggest FGC community. Some of them looked interested to get KI as well :smiley:
I still believe this is a fun game and new players could give it a chance.

Also in January 21 st we will have an offline tourney in my city and it looks like they are having KI! :scream_cat: (it may be the last one of this event) I really would like people to play and have some fun (most are SFV players but have shown interest in KI and asked me about the game).
I was going to assist ti the tourney anyway, to support the fighting scene and the effort these guys put on the local scene. But knowing KI is there is even greater! I really hope there will be players,but if there aren’t at least I can go and play friendly sets offline,who knows? even teach a bit about the game.

Anyway, these series of videos (they are more “criollo” Spanish, but I guess most Spanish speakers can understand it, if they don’t they can ask me n.n ) are there to help anyone in the basics. I probably missed things (there’s too much to talk about!) and I’m not sure if I know how to teach, but I really hope this can give them some ideas on how to get into the game. Hope I didn’t mess things too much,lol.

And this is very important: the fact I could do this is because of the community. There are a lot of persons I could mention, but it’s a sum of the forums,streams tourneys and internet ppl who shared their knowledge who made this possible.
THANK YOU ALL!! :blush::blush::blush: you are a great community and I’m really happy to have shared KI and other things with you.

Ok, see you around guys. Thanks for being so cool!

This is the full stream, which I’m now dividing in sections and uploading the videos in my youtube too to keep them as archive. Sadly I don’t have the best internet to stream (my upload speed is 1,2 mbps average :pensive:) but I think it’s understandable.

Thanks also too @SneerfulWater57 and @ItzTymeToDul , and other players from the US community for stopping by/watching the stream and saying hello. It’s really nice to have your support too =) I appreciate it :heart:


Twitch video archive is gone, but I separated all the stream in different subjects for anyone who wants lo learn the basics =)

El video archivado en Twich desapareció, pero separé el Stream por partes para así tratar los diferentes temas por separado. Los videos están subidos en Youtube (en el link que dejo abajo) en una lista de reproducción donde tocaré temas introducctorios y básicos para entender el juego. Saludos! =D

You will find the list here// encontrarán los videos aquí



Oops, came here thinking you’re giving Spanish lessons for foreigners :sweat_smile: my bad!


Lol, sorry for the disappointment :sweat_smile:
I’ll fix the title.

Anyway If you have any doubts just ask me! PM here or Xbox =)
However there’s lot of information and videos in youtube from Spanish teachers. This reminded me searching English pronunciation tutorial. But the only way to do it better is to practice and speak it.

My Spanish is a bit different… but I can speak neutral Spanish better than the way I play neutral in KI :grin:

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This is really cool! Wish I could’ve dropped by.

Thanks Storm :smiley:
I’m thinking doing another one,maybe with more advanced tips regarding different subjects. But still haven’t decide what. Shadow countering certain shadows is one of the first ones. Maybe also warning ppl about Sakos wrath shadow counter? XD

Again,I can’t believe a mashy Sako gives me more trouble than the one “playing the player”, so salty! -_-