Sorry I sucked so bad

Got back from the pub thought I’d play a game of KI - then got matched with UA Bass - I’m barely out of Gold rank so I got owned. What a lovely guy though and was an honour to fight him and kind of him to play 10 games against me - he is just on a completely different level.

Apologies to the real Aganos players I didn’t do better but if you want to see the 10-0 of me getting owned by his Shago it’s here:

umm man dont feel bad cuz you got 10-0 by a very good player and also why would you make a post about this?

@UKTyrant dont worry about it man

For any advice!

i can tell you this shago wins this matchup

He does?

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I think I beat Bass once if I remember correctly. Didn’t take home both rounds, but OOOOH it felt so good to at least get one round. I kinda freak every time I see someone on KI I kinda know. Keits was also a highlight (he beat me…hard).

Bass is no doubt one of the best I think I beat him. 2 times. I’ve never fought his spinal before. His shago is very strong. Shago does win this matchup. Patience is the key

Shago doesn’t beat aganos. I’ve beaten bass Rico and nate in that mu.