Sooo about that Windows 10 fightstick update?

Has there been like anyword? It’s been like a year. I’m starting to think we were bamboozled.

My XBone TE2 has been working just fine. Did they mention other sticks? I thought it was just XBone sticks they promised.

My TE2 XBox One stick works fine, but only with KI and not with any other games, such as those on Steam. Which is a drag, because I have a lot of arcade games on Steam.

Unfortunately, the XBox TE2 is discontinued. On that note, a friend of mine has bought KI last week to get into it, and has been looking for a fight stick. But since the XBone TE2 is no longer available unless you want to pay twice it’s worth for a NIB from an independent dealer, he bought the PS3/4 TE2 in the hopes he could driver/XInput/whatever his way into getting it to work with KI, but he has not been successful. He wouldn’t have XBone TE2 anyway, because he wants something that will also work with MAME.

Does anyone have any suggestions for getting that PS TE2 to work? He’s about to break down and try a Brook Universal Fighting Board - He’s getting rather salty about how convoluted fight stick compatibility is. Has anyone had any success with that? I want to get him fighting before he loses steam on the issue and gives up. Or decides to switch to SFV.

Does Joy2Key work?
Any specific drivers or emulation?
Is buying a universal board the only option?

Thanks in advance.

My Atrox works just fine. Not that I use it. I’m a pad player. I’m just keeping the stick for nice artwork.

Try that