Sonic Forces (Project Sonic 2017)

Here’s a recap of the SXSW Sonic event where they revealed news about Sonic Mania and Sonic Forces (the new name of Project Sonic 2017).

Badass instrumental theme music at 7:18.

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I’ll gvie this, and Sonic Mania a whirl.

Gameplay footage:

Soooo hyped!
Both Sonic games look great and I hope Crush 40 come back for this title.

Sonic Mania alone gave me excitement. Can’t get enough of those sprites.

Im very confused by the presentation. It completely changed the feeling of the game so far.

It started as dark, and serious, but with the showing of the logo, name, music, and gameplay, it seems to have taken a complete 180 turn. It seems more confident, happy, and in a way, more bland.

The logo instantly reminded me of “90’s rock band logo”, “60s-70s War plane sticker”, and “00’s Revolutionary movie” (specifically “wolverines” for some reason). And then, the music sounds like an anime-intro. I know it IS a Japanese franchise, but i also know that the game’s composer, Jun Senoue, can easily do darker, more serious themes, so it seems strange that he WASN’T asked to do that.

I’m not finding fault with ANY of these things, im just pointing out that it completely changes the tone of the game, compared to the tone of the initial trailer.

I’m thinking the third Sonic is from Boom but I don’t see them hiding him if that were the case.

Wouldn’t it be funny if the third character are some console exclusive plug in characters?(doubt it though)

I don’t really see this theme song as “anime like” imo this kind of rock is exactly how mostsonic themes are. At lest the most beloved are. From live and learn, sonic heros and dreams of absolution the theme song of the games always took on this feel. Even the more serious games like sonic unleashed had a theme song similar to these

Edit. If anything else I feel like anime these days have started to have j rock music similar to sonic these days…not that that’s a bad thing. Some anime have such amazing soundtrack that I would pop that sucker right on my music playlist

I really hope it’s not Boom Sonic. I’d rather it be Dreamcast Sonic.

Isn’t that modern Sonic?

I see the 3rd playstyle being the full 3d platforming and puzzles. Which I think Boom Sonic can do well. Also he’d have a distinctive look.

Hmm they could do Riders Sonic… Idk

I’m from 1983, a Master System gamer that played Sonic games since the beginning, and I only have one thing to say: SEGA, relinquish of the Sonic franchise… and many others while we are at it… and the few talented people you’re wasting there (we’re still waiting for that amazing PSO2 to come out of Japan).

In KI terms, the current SEGA is not even the Mimic of the Shadow of the SEGA that knew what to do, right now it’s the third and half time they’re resorting to “the retro recycling”, Sonic 4-1, Generations, Mania… and I fear Forces (again old Sonic)… really? Forces? that’s a word doesn’t even make a good combo with Sonic… Anyway, they’ve no dignity at all and they don’t know how to make something new AND SPECIALLY good, Sonic Boom is the proof, they think, like Capcom’s DMC, that a visual change/make up and will make the game better again?, it’s insulting… Since Adventure 1-2 I’ve been reading many comments of crybabies, “old one is better than the modern…”, “modern rocks…”, what it matters is if it’s well done or not, and SEGA finally crossed the line of “a bad game” with Unleashed, most people would just cry and yell like kids saying only “I don’t like it”, I could easyly say what was well done and what wasn’t in all post Adventure games, and after Unleashed the balance of bad things were far heavier than the good ones…

… and going back to Forces… the 3rd style is going to be Sonic Boom’s Sonic character and levels, 99% sure of it. And finally, I’d love to know what is that madness of gigantic Eggrobots in annihilation mode destroying everything, The Doctor wants to conquer the world, not to destroy it, that’s The Black Army’s role.

Being asonic fan, I plan on getting both of these.

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Modern Sonic has both 2D and 3D gameplay sections in his levels along with the boost mechanic and sidestep feature. Dreamcast Sonic is strictly 3D and has a bigger emphasis on momentum rather than boosting. Instead of the boost, he has the spindash like Classic Sonic, rail grinding like Modern Sonic, and other features from Adventure 1&2. Boom is way too slow and one-dimensional compared to the Dreamcast version.

I agree but Dreamcast and Modern Sonic is one in the same.

I think boom could be the representative of the 3d style. I don’t think it will be the Boom playstyle, just Boom Sonic.

Besides boom was a troubled rush job, yet along by different a developer. (If Boom Sonic is included it’s unrealistic to expect “Rise of Lyric” mode)

I don’t think there’s a reason to hide Boom, so I still doubt it’s actually him.

Now there’s Sega Saturn Sonic Who’d fit perfectly between Classic and Modern.

I found the 3rd one