Songs you find to be SO good

What songs including game songs you find to be SO good, awesome, cool, and amazing that you happened to find yourself doing ANY of the following things for these particular songs e.g. humming, singing, headbanging, imagining, performing a cover, pump you up/get you pumping, etc.? Plus that give you the chills/goosebumps as well as send chills down your spine and overall throughout your body?

Here are a few of mine to start off with:
I happened to find myself humming along to and at the same time it sends chills down my spine as well as gives me the chills/goosebumps every time I listened to this song

This particular song I happened to find myself singing along to quite often nowadays even though I don’t understand the song very much since it happens to be in Italian :stuck_out_tongue:

Basically I would imagined myself as a warrior or in this case, an indestructible warrior every time I listened to this song now


It’s a wet dream for beatboxing.


Here are some of mine

Closer by Chainsmokers

Not the greatest lyrics but love the story and that melody is killer!


Another unique song about wanting the comfort of ones family during a tough time during a relationship.

Straight Up and Down

Cool late 80s/early 90s throw back with a Barry White style and discreet hip hop lyrics

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Didn’t you already make this, or a similar, thread?

He did but only it was songs that annoy you.

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