Something's fishy about "Definitive Edition"

It says “Unlock all characters” and then adds up dozens of useless lines of content that already exists in the free version.

What really matters here is; do we actually get any accessories and skins with those characters in the “almighty complete Definitive Edition”? Or must I get it separately?

The definitive edition sells you only the entire cast of characters of all seasons, with the exception of Kilgore, Shin Hisako, and Eagle, and when the Steam version launches later this year, they’ll be packaged as part of the definitive edition for all platforms. It doesn’t unlock any of the accessories or retro costumes. It’s in the description of the product download so it’s not like it’s a huge secret or something.

Really? Huh, I wasn’t aware of that. I honestly assumed it was equal to getting all the Ultra editions of the game.
Well, I’m glad now that I got the full version of all 3 seasons.

Reading over the language a bit on the DE, it doesn’t explicitly state it doesn’t unlock retros and accessories, but since it’s not featured as part of the DE’s features list I’m pretty sure it doesn’t. It does however come with the console ports of KI classic 1 and 2 though, and features the soundtrack as a free bonus as well. If the retros and accessories were a part of the package, it’s something they would list. They’ve never advertised them as part of the package though.

I doubt it doesn’t have all the retros and accessories. On the Gamestop site it explicitly says it includes all the content of the three season. But I can’t confirm first hand since I haven’t bought it…

Pretty sure it does include the retros since back when the DE launched there were all those threads of people complaining it hadn’t unlocked the retros for just one season.

I just checked Gamestop’s listing: “Killer Instinct: Definitive Edition includes all 26 characters and 20 stages from Seasons 1-3, Killer Instinct Classic 1&2, Killer Instinct Original Soundtrack, and a bonus skin pack, Gold Gargos”, says nothing about the retros or accessories.

MS’s store listing also makes no mention of it either, pretty sure it doesn’t unlock accessories or retros.

From what I’ve also done as far as searches, there are a lot of people “guessing” it comes with everything, but there’s conflicting answers.

I’m pretty sure you get to own everything that’s pretty much been released with the exception of gold skins, as for the accessories you still have to unlock them the normal way by grinding out that characters lvl.


I disabled some features being ad-blocked, and there’s a section on the DE that shows what all is included in the bundle, and the combo breaker and ultra editions for all the seasons are indicated as included. The product label is misleading though.

I accept my incorrect assumption and apologize to all. I’ll just move along.

"The Supreme Edition gives you EVERY Killer Instinct Fighter from Season 1, 2, and 3 - a total of 25 fighters! Additionally, this pack includes ALL the content from all 3 Ultra Editions - all the costumes, accessories, VIP Double XP Boosters, bonus retro colors, Killer Instinct Classic, and Killer Instinct 2 Classic for Xbox One (ESRB: M). NOTE: This content package is not available for individual purchase." from the website im windows 10 user when i click the supreme edition to buy “purche bundle: get access to much,more by upgrading to the killer instinct: definitive edition”

I got the DE which gave me all the retro costumes and accessories.


It’s not. I have all the retros and accessories.

Yeah, I saw it when I disabled my ad-blocker. I saw it offers everything. I’m moving on before I accidentally spread any more misinformation.

No problem, it happens. At least now we now for sure it has everything xD

So we have confirmation that the current bundle of DE - DOES indeed include accessories and retros? Cool

I have some doubts… then If I want to link my acc to steam and download KI from Steam in proof of account linking, is there any option in Win10 to link the killer instinct acc to steam through usage of account options on Xbox app in Win10? Just wondering. And sorry If i necro’d your comment.

DE gives you everything from S1 S2 & S3. Everything!
also comes with KI Classic & KI Gold with online use, i reccomend DE to anyone into KI, Save some $ and re live the classic :slight_smile:

I can’t comment anything regarding the steam version because it’s not even out yet, and is months away from launching. We don’t know if it’s cross-play, will use steam or xbox accounts, etc., so it’s difficult to answer any of those questions for the time being.

@rukizzel dude do you have any new information for us ? like if we buy the windows 10 version of DE are we able to claim on steam ? i want to buy steam version because i have a lot games over there but KI is amazing fight game im confused haaaaaaaaaaalp