Something vital missing from KI

One thing missing in this reboot is your opponents yell when they get hit. In the old games, characters would make a sound.

Example Cinder would make that sound like he is drowning or blowing bubbles… Saberwulf crying like a dog, TJ Combo yelling e.t.c.

These little things made KI unique, who else understands what I’m saying?

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They do make grunts when they get hit, they just aren’t as pronounced as that would get really annoying really fast for tournament spectators


I know what you’re referring to, but I don’t agree that it’s “missing,” I prefer the way you can listen to hit sounds to aid combo breaking, rather than a repetitive scream from the opponent every time you smack them.

The old scream sounds from fighting games don’t particularly strike me as necessary or interesting any more.


I get what you are saying. But the characters already make sounds when you hit them.


I think the sounds should be an optional feature, same as rumble support.

I like that effect, not annoying to me… Maybe have it an optional feature which can be disabled.

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They do sure, but they’re not profound… Should be loud and recognisable, unique to each character.

never said it wasnt good, i said to a spectator, like someone that is just tuning in that has never seen KI before, it may get discouraging to hear very loud obvious grunts whenever someone gets comboed, it is an aquired taste. so to be more inclusive it is smarter to go with more subtle ways of helping the player recognize when they have hit the opponent so that they may use it for hit confirms

If you want to hear the character screams more, go into your options menu and up the character voice volume. Readjust the rest of the settings to your liking, and voila! The screams will be closer to what you’re looking for.


+1 internet to you good sir, I was just about to post that.

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Fighters scream with echo at receiving final blow, I heard my Tusk yell “eehhh” too many times :smiley:

I wouldn’t go as far as to call this “vital”…


Pretty much this. OP just focus on the sound and you’ll hear it.

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If you have a spare minute for a laugh - take Rash into training as a dummy, turn off all sounds except for voice.

His idle sounds and the sounds he makes when he’s hit are pretty freaking funny.

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Yeah, the yells added to the creepy factor of the old games. This game embraces the cheesy side of the old games instead of the mature and dark side of the old games.

Personally, TJ going “oohoohAUGHaahhAwagghhOohAAAaaaAAAAaaa” while getting hit in KI1 is hilarious to me.

Orchid’s screams in KI2 make her sound like she’s really in pain, though.

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This is still int he game…the females make more sound them the guys but its not near as prominent as the old KI. Im fine with the way it is!