Something I noticed by accident, possibilities?

OK I was int the practice mode, a month ago and I noticed something about “TK light widows bite” if you input light widows bite with a TK input, air or ground Sadira will make a hop forward and gain about a character length maybe 1.5 characters lengths in distance. If done in the air unfortunately she can’t move until she hits the ground. This has been really screwing up some of my set-up practice sessions. One thing I noticed though, if done on the ground she hops over the character. When she lands on the other side I think if you time it right she can get off a quick grab. From what I can tell its like recovery may be canceled upon landing. I’m gonna experiment with this some more. I request that fellow Sadira users mess with it as well. to see if we can do something with this phenomena. I wonder how punishable if it is if at all. OR will it be something to make sure doesn’t come out so you don’t get in trouble. Let me know what you find. If there is some thing to it I’d appreciate it if some credit for the discovery was thrown this way. Hoping for left right shenanigans or something. Anyway lets see where this leads.


I’ve noticed this a while back, after seeing Akuma do a similar thing in SF4. It is pretty much useless though as after the opponent blocks LWB they are at a distinct advantage and in some cases may be able to punish

Just figured it out this is really good in instinct or if you combo LWB for a reset.

Jump in MK, hit confirm into tiger knee LWB for a reset.

You can also use the instinct web to make it completely safe.

TY :grin: I’ll be sure to try this.

I also recently figured out if you use LWB right before you cross an opponent up (kinda like a delayed TKM) the web will hit in the front of them and you’ll land behind. Even though it’s not a true frame trap it’s hard to react to and can be really good when used sparingly.

Before they implemented her special landing recovery, I used to toss LWB right in front of them, and as you said, it would toss Sadira right over their heads, where I could immediately perform an attack. I haven’t tried it since they brought back the landing recovery, as she would simply hit the ground. If it is working again, I’m going to start using it, as it was a great frame trap and VERY hard to block.