Someone made a features and gameplay comparison chart for KI season 3 vs. other fighting games

Thought this might be of interest to @TempusChaoti @TotalJimkata @TheKeits @rukizzel @Delriach @GoogleMyName @BlitzedKraig

KI fares relatively well. SFV… not so much:

The discussion in the above thread underneath the thread is also pretty interesting.

1 or 2 things in that chart are actually kind of off, but hopefully, the parts in red could eventually be addressed.

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I can’t access the link. Is it possible to copy/paste it here?

The only thing SFV has that I wish KI had is the " constant search for online fights" function , that way I could just hang out in training mode or do survival until it finds a match for me. Other than that KI walks all over SFV in every possible way, IMO.

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I could see this being a thing but the matchmaking doesn’t really take that long. I’ve heard SFV can take minutes to find a match where as KI has been (usually) 30 seconds and under.

Yeah its usually really quick, especially in ranked. Though sometimes exhibition can take a while, like yesterday I had a ton of trouble finding consistent matches. Maybe because it was Mira day people were in the lab playing her or something lol

I dont think its fair since SF V is also meant to be a platform that grows. The issue with it was they launched early (some say, to give pro/tournament level players, a chance to have 3-4 months to practice before main tournament season in the summer).

The game just wasn’t ready for a AAA tittle release. Imagine the uproar if a bigger name game had issues like that (and some do!).

played SF again a couple days ago - first time since march and i loved it BUT i realize what i hate about modern SF games. the super moves.

I dont mind individual characters having 1 or 2 crazy moves (fulgore’s iron man beam, omen’s command grab life attack thing, etc) but i HATE super moves in fighting games. One jab gets in and then they combo right into it.

Is there a way i’m missing to get out of it after that first hit gets you?

Missing something DOA has : when you chose “Random” as opponent, chosing “Rematch” need to randomize it again.

A few things in the chart are not accurate as stated by OP (for instance, the command list does indeed have frame data) but an interesting read nonetheless.

Factors of comparison change from game to game, so positives and negatives are completely up to whatever arbitrary basis of comparison was chosen per row.

Basically results in a ton of terrible false equivocations like MKX brutalities and KI stage enders.

There are plenty of factors that can be compared linearly across all games which would actually make for an interesting chart.

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