Someone made a DeadPool Mod for Ken in SFV

I guess someone managed to fix Ken’s hedious botched head by putting a mask on it? good for us I guess. I have been begging Capcom for months to fix Ken and Alex they looked like a pre schooler modeled their figures.

Either capcom will maybe fix Ken in a DLC release given how crazy the microtransactions are in SFV they are milking it to the core.

Thankfully modders are doing capcom’s job for them I have to admit DeadPool really fits ken his style and everything is just like Ken look how well he integrated into SF5


I tried :frowning:

I just can’t beat this birdie. :frowning:

Still not as amazing as the Maximilian mod

max is a SF Pro thats for sure but I think PickachuAkuma is the best in the world I heard he beat the Japanese already

U got to admit though Capcom did a really good job on that Guile Classic Stage remake right?

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