Some tips for a new Cinder player?

Im planning to main Cinder because he is my favourite character from KI1. Any tips about how to start using the character? Good poke tools, anti airs or frame traps?

The most important thing you should focus on is learning how to use Trailblazer. Mastering this move and learning how to use it effectively should be your #1 priority. Then learning how to juggle with it is equally as important.



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The guy above me told you gold. You should hear him and do as he said, considering he’s one of the actual TOP 32 best players in the world and the only true Cinder user at the Killer Instinct World Cup.

Watching his performance against PaulB helped me a lot to play the new Cinder, considering it is a lot way different from the first KI.

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Thanks ill have your advices in mind.

I have some important tips to consider against what I consider will be your toughest match up: Glacius:

1st tip is risky but be sure to use your pyro bombs. Because Trailblazer will not do you any good in ranges where Glacius can throw hail.

2nd Tip: If you see Glacius jump use your upper inferno as an anti-air. Because he’ll just pelt you with icicle kicks.

3rd Tip: If you get close to Glacius stay there! use your 3rd degree target combos and if you manage to knock him down be ready for a puddle punch. But stay as close as you can.

4th tip: use your Burn out enders based on where you are in relation to the corner. If you got Glacius cornered light his feet on fire. All his close combat moves are done with the kicks. If you’re not close to the corner light his upper body on fire because if he uses his hail to zone you out he builds damage on himself.

5th-tip. If you have shadow meter and you’re fired-up: Use the fire-up inferno if you’re at the right range and cancel into shadow trailblazer it can help you reach the distance that a raw Shadow Trailblazer will not do for you.

Also I am with @BHswordsman09 when I say this: learn your juggles they will do you some good for your combos. Cinder benefits from his stylish combos.

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Scrub tactics that I know are good at mid level:

  1. Dont always DP on wake up. Waking up with Light Punches can be just as good.

  2. Block strings with fission and shadow fission gets you good chip damage.

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Keep bombs on your opponent as often as possible and mixup the different strengths of fission during blockstrings.

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I’m brand new to cinder myself, but one thing I’ll say is that the in-game descriptions of what burnot enders do needs a lot of work. The way it’s worded I thought my own punch/kick buttons had an effect on it. After reading infil’'s overview did I finally figure out what I was supposed to be doing with them

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Close and far HK will combo into Shadow Fission for a large damage opener.

I recommend keeping grounded combos short and use them mainly to apply burnouts and to cash out the potential damage. With that in mind, if you perform a Trailblazer ender with low enough KV, you can manual into a level one burnout ender after the wall splat.

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