Some suggestions

Hi, new guy here, been playing the game, barely a buttom masher lol
Anyway there are some things that I’ll love to see when S3 arrives.

*Faster pause menu
I think and hopefully not the only, the menus are rather slow, specially in training mode. I’ll prefer something more simple like MKX style.

*Been able to train in any stage.
This is just a feature that I’ll love to see, the music in this game it’s amazing and I’ll like to hear it while I’m mastering a character, of course the classic tunes shall remain but only in the training stage.

*Ultimates returning.
Yup, this a must.

*Regarding the possible other guest character, I think Joanna Dark fits the best, or somehow make other Xbox character fit? Idk but I think 2 guest characters its more than enough, I do enjoy playing as Rash :smile:

Anyway, that is for me, I wish the best for IG in the S3 development but I’ll love to see this things being adressed.