Some Stuff Involving the Intro

So just a couple things involving the introduction.

Firstly, I think having the ability to skip the tutorial “fights” at the start of an initial playthrough would be nice (the ones against Omen and Gargos where it tells you how the basics of the game work). Maybe just an option selecting “I’m familiar with the mechanics of KI.” Maybe the introduction could be narrowed down to the point where we just see the cutscenes, and then the game lets us select our characters from there? As someone who has absolutely no clue how to play Kim Wu, the intro for me was something I was just trying to skip through as fast as possible so I could start a new game.

Or, perhaps, as an alternative, what if after the New York mission (the one where you defeat Mimic Fulgore), the game gave you the option to choose a team altogether?

All of this is relatively minor stuff, but I think at the very least it’d save a bit of hassle for people who already know which characters they want to play as to not force them to restart the game.

Also, All Punch + Forward is an (the?) ultra command now for Jago. Will simplified ultra inputs carry over to the main game, or is that Shadow Lords exclusive?

That’s only because Shadow Lords seems to automatically activate Combo Assist to help new players. Ultra inputs are also simplified when it’s on.

You can do just that if you leave and start a new game after you deploy Kim Wu.

Yes, that irritated me so bad. Also I didn’t have a lot of time to play initially. I was able to get through the tutorial and had to quit. But when I came back it didn’t save my progress and had to go through the tutorial again. Bonus time, having to sit through cut scenes and dialog I couldn’t skip.

Double yes. I was under the impression that you got to pick your own team. Then I start playing and find the I have to start with Jago and Kim Wu. While I’m ok with Kim, I can’t stand Jago, I never play Jago, and the fact that I couldn’t name a new captain, it just went automatically to Jago.

Another question. Will I be able to save shadow data post match in shadow lords?

I would like to have that ability too when it gets officially released.

You can, but it’s an unnecessary hassle to have to quit out and restart a game imo. Not a huge deal, but I think it’d be a nice touch to make things easier for first time players.